H36 (HAM-D030)

The Hamaton H36 is a low cost, robust, and easy to use starter diagnostic tool. The H36 configures EU-Pro™/T-Pro™ sensors within seconds, reads all OE sensors, and can be upgraded to program all popular universal aftermarket sensors*. The H36 comes with user-friendly navigation and command buttons as well as an interface in multiple languages.

The H36 activates and reads TPMS sensors of all European and American vehicle brands, provides Hamaton TPMS sensor part numbers, and displays all sensor data including: ID, tyre pressure, tyre temperature and battery status.

The Hamaton H36 comes complete with:

  • Hamaton H36 Diagnostic Tool
  • Hamaton H36 USB Cable
  • Free updates for 5 years*
  • Extended, free 2-year warranty
  • Frequent database updates via PC desktop software
H36 (HAM-D030)

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